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Agents! We have your 100% Commission Plan!

Working as a full time in real estate since 1999, our Broker/CEO, Greg Vander Wel has worked with hundreds of Florida real estate agents. Over the years Greg has found that these agents are true professionals with years of experience representing buyers and sellers but are not content splitting their commissions with their broker. Florida agents want to work with a 100% commission brokerage.

Greg has built the most competitive 100% commission plans in Florida. In addition, you will always have access to our conference rooms which will reflect a professional and progressive impression on your clients. Located in Central Tampa (I275 & Armenia). We are a top broker at two of Tampa’s most established title companies and have earned preferential customer service, which you will have access to as one of our 100% commission Realtors.

You can get in touch with our broker when you need him! We are NOT brokers with a “We will try to get back to you in 10 days” policy.

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What’s the catch you may ask! There IS a catch. Realnet’s broker/CEO Greg Vander Wel has participated in well over 2,500 closings throughout his career. Mr. Vander Wel has always chosen integrity over the quick dollar. Our 100% commission Realtors are expected to maintain the same values that Realnet’s reputation is built on. We hold our agents accountable to fulfill the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) requirements for post closing-that is, after your each of your closings, we maintain your file for 5 years. Per FREC, the file MUST include the following:

  • Copies of fully executed contracts for sale and purchase and any addenda.
  • Copies of fully executed Closing Disclosure/HUD-1 statement.
  • Copy of your representation agreement with the buyer or seller.

Realnet uses cloud technology to make Florida Association of Realtor and National Association of Realtor’s contracts, addenda and forms available to our agents 24/7. Contracts are available online for easy download and use. No more searching around for a contract or wondering if your contract is the most up-to-date. We handle the research and make the contracts available and ready anytime you need them!

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Realnet will not work with a 100% commission Realtor who participates in any of the following:

  • Straw Buyers
  • Appraisal Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Any unethical activity fees or service payments not included on the Closing Disclosure statement

We believe in keeping it simple; our Broker requires that all monies included in any of our real estate transactions are listed on the HUD or closing statement. This insures that all parties are aware of every detail of the transaction.

Contact Greg Vander Wel today to discuss hanging YOUR license at Realnet! (813)288-8000

Choose your 100% Commission Payplan!

100% Commission Option #1

$0/mo + $295 per closing

$0/mo +$295 per closing is our original 100% commission plan and is one of the most competitive in Florida. This is a great option for part time agents who close 0-2 properties per year. This commission plan is unique in that there are NO MONTHLY FEES! Our 100% commission Realtors pay only 1 fee of $295 for every transaction they close. This plan has ZERO monthly fees, ZERO desk fees, ZERO hidden, annual, or consultation fees! Just $295 every time you represent a buyer or seller in a transaction! Click here to Contact Us about this pay plan!

100% Commission Option #2

$35/mo + $99 per closing

This is the best commission plan for agents closing 3-5 properties per year! Agents pay a small fee of $35 per month. With every closing the agent participates in, their office fee is only $99. Our $35/mo + $99 per closing plan is an excellent option because it balances a low per closing fee with a very affordable monthly fee. Agents enjoy the benefits of no additional fees with this plan. Click here to Contact Us about this pay plan!

$35/mo + $99 per closing plan
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100% Commission Option #3

$55/mo + $55 per closing

For full time agents closing 6+ properties per year this is the paylan of choice! Busy agents report this as THE most competitive commission plan in Florida. Agents pay a minimal fee of $55 per month and with every closing the agents pays only $55! This plan is unique in that it has the lowest monthly fee and per closing fee available! Agents enrolled in this plan still enjoy the benefit of paying no additional or hidden fees. Click here to Contact Us about this pay plan!

$55/mo + $55 per closing plan
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We are members of the following Realtor Associations:

Greater Tampa Realtors (GTR)
Pinellas Realtor Organization (PRO)
Realtor Association of Sarasota & Manatee (RASM)
Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors (GACAR)
West Pasco Board of Realtors (WPBOR)
Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association (RPCRA)

90/10 Commission Splits

Our agents receive 90% of the commission on commercial closings as well as residential closings over $500k. The $295 office fee is replaced with a 10% split for these closings.

Contact Greg Vander Wel today to discuss hanging YOUR license at Realnet! (813)288-8000

Refer a Friend!

If you hold an active real estate license in the state of Florida, Realnet will pay you to refer your Realtor friends to our brokerage. If you know a Realtor who values integrity and ethics as much as we do, refer them to Realnet! Realnet will pay the $295 fee from their first closing to YOU! (Your active Florida Real Estate license is required)

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