Affiliated Parties Disclosure

A buyer is hereby notified that there is typically common ownership Affiliated Parties Disclosurebetween the affiliated parties of the property. The parties include the holding company, seller, Bay Area Trust, LLC, Greg Vander Wel, Jon Vander Wel, and Realnet of Tampa Bay, LLC.

Our holding companies are used to buy discount properties from banks and the holding company then sells the property to our investors, also at discount prices.
Properties on this list are either currently owned by our holding companies, or we have a contract to buy the house. Either way, we work hard to find great deals and pass them on to YOU!

Values contained on this website are an opinion of value and are not obtained from formal appraisals done by licensed appraisers or formal estimates from licensed contractors. We recommend buyers consult licensed professionals to verify values and expenses related to any property investment prior to signing a purchase contract.

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